Multilingual Paid Search

Reaching the right people, with the right messaging

Fusing digital expertise, analytics, proprietary technology, and unparalleled linguistic capabilities, Adapt Worldwide provides a full suite of multilingual paid search services.

We can provide global paid search coverage across markets and platforms, helping your company boost the effect of your global campaigns, increase conversions, drive high-quality traffic, generate maximum exposure and minimise wasted spend. From text-based ads, product ads, and search remarketing to native content, banner ads, and rich media display, our performance linguistics team is helping to redefine how globally ambitious companies tackle multilingual paid search.

Performance Linguistics

Performance linguistics helps you communicate with your customers in any language, market, or platform. It’s a local approach to global search. And in the digital space, where your choice of words can have a dramatic effect on the success of your message, that’s crucial. Using a bottom-up approach, we’ll audit or build out from scratch your keywords and campaigns utilising in-market, sector specialists, constantly refining our output via search query reporting and A/B testing.

Cross-platform expertise

For global search, Google and Yahoo aren’t the only names you need to pay attention to. Russia’s Yandex, China’s Baidu, and South Korea’s Naver dominate search in their respective countries. Adapt can help you develop an approach that meets the requirements of ‘exotic’ search engines, with specialists dedicated to Google, Bing, Yandex, Naver, Baidu, and Yahoo JP as well as all major international programmatic exchanges.

Understanding market nuances

Adhering to the different rules and regulations of each market can be complex. Our cross-market experience backed by extensive in-market researcher capabilities ensure your campaigns will be tailored to the nuances of your sector within each market and platform. Our international search service combines unmatched linguistic capabilities (18 languages in-house, 175 covered via our network) with large scale in-market data analysis to create campaigns that are truly optimised, rather than just localised.

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Rawad Jamal, Director of Paid Search Performance Linguistics

1. International

Advanced technical SEO and content-driven strategies across all markets & platforms

2. Multilingual Paid Search

Full auditing, production & management driven by paid search performance linguistics

3. Multilingual Social

Boost engagement in local markets via word-perfect, platform-savvy paid and organic strategies

4. Amazon Marketing

Holistic multilingual campaigns devised to leverage the unique traits of Amazon’s A9 algorithm

5. Language Services

Digital performance-focussed transcreation and multilingual copywriting services.

6. Digital Consultancy

Rationalising teams, processes & technologies for your global journey